Tospaa CodeChallenge Multiplayer Coding Game is online!!! Tospaa has always liked to look at coding education from different angles. İm 2016 it started by designing computer-free unplugged coding tools for schools without computer labs and internet instead of digital tools. Tospaa unplugged coding game has been widely played in 2018 and 2019 at coding weeks. Now it’s time to sail to new seas 🙂

Since the launch of in 2013, dozens of digital tools have been released. Unfortunately, most of these tools were focused on individual learning. Especially during the pandemic period, the confinement of children to their homes separated the children from each other. Social learning, co-learning, and peer learning have been deleted from learning environments.

That’s why Tospaa is here with a game that will bring children together again and encourage them to learn from each other. Tospaa CodeChallenge Multiplayer Coding Game, as we love it, “code challenge”, will not only bring the children in same country, maybe an Indian child will play with a French, a Canadian, a South African to write the best code. The Android version of the game will be released soon, the address of the web version is

After specifying your username, two sections appear. Here we choose the type of challenge you want to participate in. If you choose New Algorithm Challenge, you will compete with your friend to create the shortest algorithm. If you choose New Result Challenge, you have to find the result of an algorithm the fastest. Good Luck 🙂


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