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Tospaa Unplugged Coding Game is an unplugged (screen-free) coding game designed for early age coding education and is a social enterprise aiming to reduce inequalities in coding education.

Many public schools in our country do not have suitable facilities for coding education. The initiative also produces solutions for providing algorithms and coding (computational thinking) education in these schools.

It eliminates the impossibilities of coding education by creating technical opportunities in schools that do not have access to computers. Developed by Tospaa Unplugged Coding Social Initiative, consisting of high school teachers, the desktop card game, which can be accessed free of charge from the internet, provides easy learning of coding in schools that do not have a computer lab; It also eliminates the lack of concrete materials for students to learn coding logic in schools with computers.

Merve Teacher, who was newly appointed in Kars/Turkey and faced with the lack of materials to use in her lessons, was able to carry out her studies on computational thinking skills, which form the basis of coding, with the response of social media.

Following this event, which had an important place in the activities of the initiative, Tospaa started to be used in both public and private schools throughout Turkey. It carries out studies in line with the goals of “Reducing Inequalities” and “Quality Education“, one of the 17 Global Goals declared for sustainable development by the United Nations.

In line with these two goals, Tospaa Unplugged Coding Social Initiative continues its activities in this field with firm steps, as the winner of 3 awards only during 2020.


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