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We use cookies to provide the basic functionality of and (“mentionad as tospaa below”), to personalize content, to analyze traffic, and to understand how you use tospaa. We have created our cookie policy to provide you with information about the cookies used in tospaa and the choices you can make regarding them.

During your stay at tospaa, cookies, also called ‘cookies’, may be placed on your browser. By clicking the “Got it” button, you allow the use of cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies consist of simple text files placed on your browser by the websites you visit; It does not contain identity and other private information. Although cookies do not contain such personal information, session information and similar data can be stored anonymously and used for recognizing you and similar services. You can access more information about cookies from the websites at or url.

What types of cookies do we use?
  • Session cookies: These are cookies that are in temporary memory while browsing tospaa, but are deleted when you close your internet browser.
  • Persistent cookies: These are cookies that are automatically deleted at the end of this date or period, which are limited to a certain date or period, or remain on your hard disk until they are deleted by you.
  • Mandatory cookies: are cookies used for functions such as login and form filling that ensure tospaa to function correctly. Your consent is not required for these cookies. You can still block these cookies in your browser settings. In this case, some parts of the tospaa may not function properly.
  • 3rd party cookies: addition to our own cookies, advertising networks and our other business partners (“3rd party”), to provide you with a better and more personalized service, including serving ads based on your previous visits to tospaa and other websites. are cookies placed on your browser.
For what purposes are cookies used at tospaa?

Cookies are generally used in tospaa to provide you with a better and more personalized service and to help us improve tospaa; Thanks to these cookies, the following goals can be achieved.

  • analyze tospaa’s traffic
  • understanding how you use tospaa
  • make your user experience easier when using tospaa
How can you manage or delete cookies?

You can manage cookies by adjusting your browser settings, if your browser allows this. In this way, you can refuse all cookies, be warned before a cookie is saved on your hard disk, only accept cookies from the websites you specify, disable or delete cookies that you have previously accepted.

Our cookie policy changes from time to time. We recommend that you periodically review our cookie policy for these changes. Further information will be provided on our website in this regard.

Our cookie policy was updated on 28.03.2022.